Version 01042015 is first updated on June 2015


  • New Maps
  • New Game Modes
  • Amazing Graphics
  • Character Customization
  • New Characters
  • New Boss Titan
  • Horses
  • New Titan AI
  • Stamina Bar (For Titan-Player/s)
  • Stylish Points
  • Racing Map
  • Gas Burst


New Maps - Racing Akina & Outside The Walls

Character Customization - Allows players/users to edit and create their own character. Allows you to change hair style, face, eyes and hair color of the character. Annie Leonhart, Feng Lee (the creators' own character) and the Anti-Human Suppression Squad (or AHSS for short) can be played ONLY if chosen in the rot/character customization.

New Characters - mentioned in Character Customization , Annie,Feng Lee and the AHSS has been added. AHSS are now the first ever in the game to ever handle 'ranged weapons'.

New Boss Titan - also known as The Colossal Titan, the battle takes in the city where you have to eliminate the same, the Boss Titan and it's minions (The titans)

Stamina Bar (PT) - Stamina Bars are added to prevent unlimited attacks done by the Titan Player. It will refill once the user has stop walking the titan (Fast Recharge). The walking also can be done, which is slow recharging (Slow Recharge)

Horses - Can now be used my players and also MODDERS (But can lead to banishment, as long as it is not abusive.) If a normal user, it can only be used in the map Outside The Walls as it is an enormous map.

Gas Burst - is a skill used by the player to evade titan attacks while in mid-air, but it consumes a lot of gas.