There are lots of types of them In the tribute game. A titan is enormous which is invulnerable to almost all kinds of attack, yet it has a few weak spots. Several variants appear in the game.


So far, in the game we have seen seven kinds of titans (although more are rumored)

  • Normal
  • Aberrant
  • Jumper
  • Crawler
  • Punk
  • Player-Titan (at the moment only jumpers are available to play as, although crawlers are rumoured in later updates)

Titan Shifters :

Normal Titan

Attack on titan (lys håret billed 1)

A normal titan (around 6-8 meters high).

These titans are the most common, and they are only capable of walking. Players can easily outrun them (regardless of chosen character).

This kind of titan has various attack moves that cover most of its body, which makes it dangerous if it isn't approached with care. It's the most encountered class of titan on normal and hard difficulty (around 70-85% of all titans on those difficulties are normal class with varying size).

The normal titan is the easiest titan to overcome, and they are commonly seen alone or in groups of two to three (rarely more). It can see the player starting at a distance of about 100-110 meters. The titan is only able to see the player if it is looking at the player; it can't see the player from behind.

The normal titans lose sight of the player VERY easily, even though after they have seen the player the titans can follow him/her for 500+ meters. If the player makes a lot of turns or hides it can lose sight of him/her and will stand around looking for the player. If the titan loses sight of the player after spotting them, it will notice the player more quickly next time.


Attack on titan (sort håret billed 2 (abnormal)

An aberrant belly-flopping (around 10 meters high)

These titans are less common than normal titans, but are still encountered on every map. Unlike the normal titans, the Aberrants are running titans and players cannot outrun them without a special. The best way to escape from aberrants is to use his or her 3D maneuvering gear.

They mainly use the same attacks as the Normal Titans but are also able to belly-flop. This makes them much more dangerous than the Normal Titans since their hit-boxes span a larger area. The impact zone of the belly flop is both on the ground but also in the air close around it. If the player stands close to the titan but isn't hit by the attack the player will be blown away from the impact.

On the plus side, they do not "rage" (2 punches one ground smash) unless the player slices their eyes.



A jumper about to eat Mikasa in mid-air

Jumpers have the same abilities as Aberrants, but they can jump very high. Since the jumper is able to jump, they are even more dangerous than aberrants. If you get hit by the jumper's mouth while it's jumping you will immediately die. There are no physical differences shared between them and aberrants so the only two ways to differentiate them from others is to either view them jump or to look at their names when they've been killed. There isn't a limit to how high the titan can jump. They also calculate your speed, and will kill you no matter how fast you go, unless you change direction midair or they hit something (a titan, a tree, a building) that spoils their aim. It will only jump if you are higher than their eyes. Their mouth hit-boxes size are identical to crawlers.


Crawling derp 2

A crawler (15 meter high/long)

These kind of titans are also called abnormal titans, but since there are a few things that are different they are considered a separate class. The crawling titan is the rarest of the all the titan classes, it's possible to play a game (Small chances of becoming one) without even meeting one. The crawling titan is extremely fast, and are able to air grab like the Abnormal/Deviant, it's also the one with the furthest spotting range, and have the best overview of the player.

They also calculate you speed, and will kill you no matter how fast you go, unless you change direction midair or they hit something (a titan, a tree, a building) that ruins their aim. They will only jump if you are above about one heads height over the top of its head, meaning that smaller crawlers will jump easier and more frequently.

Because of their speed, they can climb angled walls. The smaller ones climb faster because their feet walks more frequently.

The crawlers are always crawling, it never get stand on to legs, which make it more difficult to kill since its weak point is not vertical, but horizontal. It is very easy to kill using Mikasa's special.

Rouge Titan/Eren Titan

The Rouge Titan, more commonly known as "Titan Eren", is the outcome of the soldier Eren's ability. This titan is controlled by the player and appears in place of Eren when he uses his ability. To become this titan, you must be using Eren in a map. Eren must wait 30 seconds from spawning in order to use this ability, when this ability is activated, there will be a crackle of electricity, a yellow flash and Eren will turn into the rogue titan, it will then roar, and the player will be able to control it right after, if Eren transformed while a titan is holding him, he will be freed from the titan's grasp, making this a useful way to stay alive for longer (In Single Player a separate playable character called TITAN_EREN is the permanent equivalent of the rogue titan).

Eren titan

The rogue titan


The rouge titan killing a 14 meter class titan

This titan is affiliated with the soldiers, and so the player must use it to attack titans, not soldiers. The rogue titan is invulnerable to other titan's attacks, and is able to destroy 4-7 meter classes with a single kick ( right-click ), and could kill bigger titans in its third consecutive hit ( left-click ), by pressing 'n', the rogue titan will make all titans within range to move towards him, making this useful for distracting titans from other players. Eren will remain in this state for 30 seconds, after 30 seconds, the rogue titan will drop to its knees, then Eren will emerge from its nape, and rogue titan will evaporate like a dead titan. Be careful as Eren will remain motionless for a few seconds after emerging from the nape of the rogue titan, so take care to direct the rogue titan away from other titans when the 30 seconds is almost up. The rogue titan will also have no effect against the female titan, and a single kick from her will make the rogue titan fall on its knees and release Eren out from it.


The Punk Titan or Punk is a new kind of titan. This titan is very reactant, and soldiers have to act the same. Unlike other titans, it has the ability to throw rocks at the players, and can cover it's own nape. This is a very stubborn titan, and almost impossible to kill for every players.


  • In the latest Game Update, Titans have over 10 different appearances.