In the tribute game there are currently only 3 weak spots on the titans (not including the crawler and Colossal types which only have one). These include the eyes, the nape of the neck and the tendons. While the eyes only temporarily blind the titan, damage to the neck will straight up kill it, and sliced tendons will cause the titan to fall to a stunned sitting position.

The Neck

Weakpoint neck

Within the circle is the only area that kills the titan.

The only way of killing a titan is to slice the back of the neck, regardless of its type. Both the "normal" and the Abberant have an attack that can "protect"/hit the neck, the latter intended to kill the player.

While the Crawler has no direct way to protect its neck, it can try to shake off the player, by running or catching the player in the air. Because the crawler is lying down, when it runs its neck is more difficult to hit. But because it's trying to shake off the player, most find these titans very hard to kill.

It's crucial for the player to learn how to get to the neck effectively. There are various tactics/moves/tips to do it, which will be covered in another article.

It's possible to kill the titan with out an exact direct hit the neck, sometimes the if the player gets close enough to the nape they might be able to deliver a finishing strike by hitting the shoulder area close to the neck. This is usually caused by glitches on the titan's hit-boxes.

The Eyes

Weakpoint eyes

The area within the circle is the area where it's possible to blind the titan.

In Version 11102013, the ability to blind the titans (except crawler variants). This made it possible for a whole variety of new moves, tricks, and tactics to be developed the players.

While the titan is blind, it will protect its eyes for 2-4 seconds and is unable to attack the player. After the animation has ended it will always make the triple attack move (right arm, left arm then both). After that attack, the titan has reverted to its original state and will be able to attack the player again. It is possible to blind a titan several times.

The Tendons

If the player slashes at the titans tendons in the legs, the titan will fall down and stay immobilized their for a few seconds while it regenerates, making them easier to attack.This provided many more different tactics for taking them down.


  • Titans sometimes sit down when they aren't targeting anything. This is the same animation for sliced tendons.
  • If a high enough velocity is reached while attacking the eyes of a titan, it may stun it for a slightly longer amount of time.