What are techniques?

A technique (also known as a "move") is a way to kill a titan. Of course there are unlimited ways of killing titans, but these "techniques" are ways of killing titans, that are commonly known and used by numerous players.

*By using the RC mod or any reel rebind program, you can have more accurate cuts and perform advanced techniques easily*

Reeling In Edit

Reeling in can be achieved by scrolling down, using the reel rebinding programs like the RC mod or any other reel rebinding programs, to reel in with a reel rebinding program simply hold the assigned button to slowly move inwards. This can be used if done correctly to easily kill titans and give you more speed and control in the air. A good example of this used can be seen in the link below.

Reeling Out Edit

Reeling out can be achieved by scrolling up, using the reel rebinding programs like the RC mod or any other reel rebind programs, to reel out with a reel rebinding program simply hold the assigned button to slowly move outwards. This can be used to correct your height, or just overall increase your chances of landing a hit. You may have noticed that if you perform any of the techniques below near the titan you almost never hit them. By reeling out and then reeling in for the attack you can perform feats you never thought were possible. A good example of this being used can be seen in the link below.

Blinding Spin | Blinding Shot Edit

The Blinding Spin is a technique used to take down Large and Medium sized titans. This skill is used only by a few players, mostly beginners because it requires less practice and is easier to pull off. Formula 1 is a reliable way for beginners and veterans to kill titans due to the ease of use of Levi's special. However, using Levi's skill may fail due to the required precise timing.

Formula Level: Beginners and Veterans

Blinding Spin Formula 1 (Levi's Skill) (Step By Step) (80% Guaranteed Hit)

  1. Hook right to the titans eyes
  2. Use Levi's special skill
  3. Wait for the titan to protect it's eyes
  4. Hook really fast to the back
  5. Wait for the titan to do it's normal attack
  6. After its normal attack Levi's skill will have regenerated. Hook really fast right to the titans nape and use Levi's Special to take it down.

Sometimes you can press F for the chosen character to become steady when hitting the titan's nape.

Blinding Spin Formula 2 (Any Skill) (Step By Step)

  1. Hook right to the titans eyes
  2. Hit the titans eyes right it the middle
  3. Wait for the titan to touch it's eyes
  4. Hook really fast at the back
  5. Wait for the titan to do it's normal attack
  6. After it's normal attack really fast hook right to the titans nape and use the normal human attack to take it down

Equator Cut (Reeling) Edit

AoTTG Equator Cut

AoTTG Equator Cut

This is a video by Critical Blinking showing off the different ways an equator cut can be performed.

The equator cut is a technique that is usually used to take down small or medium sized titans, but depending on the character and the skill of the player, it can be applied to almost any titan. This, of course, can also be applied to crawlers if executed well.

Critical Reeling Edit

Attack on Titan Tribute Game v1208 Introduction of Critical Reel (CR)

Attack on Titan Tribute Game v1208 Introduction of Critical Reel (CR)

This is a video by Flying NaN explaining in detail how to perform the move known as Critical Reeling.

This technique allows you to change your direction in mid-air, while adding acceleration. This can be incorporated in other techniques and/or used for general movement around the map.

Explanation of the technique:Edit

  1. Shoot both hooks at an object.
  2. Right as the hooks hit the object, reel in.

Instant Reeling Edit

This technique uses the same principle as Critical Reeling, but this is more focused on moving around the map.

AOTTG - Instant Reeling (Triangling) Demonstation

AOTTG - Instant Reeling (Triangling) Demonstation

This is a video by Xedma demonstrating the use of Instant Reeling.

Short tutorial by Xedma:

To instantly reel:
1. Gas forward and fly past a titan/tree/building.
2. Turn around and gas backwards (keeps your character moving forwards).
3. Hook the titan/tree/building.
3.5. Reel before the wire makes contact.
4. Release the wire and go back to gassing forward.

Chop InterruptEdit

This technique can be incorporated into general movement around the map and be used to slow down, but it is a bit risky if something goes wrong, as you might lose all momentum and drop to the ground if you miss a hook. The only character that can use this technique is Mikasa.

Explanation of the technique:Edit

  1. Shoot a hook at an object.
  2. Right before the hook hits the object, use Mikasa's special.

Death From Above/Overhead StrikeEdit

The technique, much like the Equator Cut, is used for getting quick and easy kills when on the ground. In comparison to the equator cut, this technique might be less useful, because it doesn't provide an instant escape route, and you will almost never keep your momentum after attacking. The technique is what you would call a vertical equator cut and because of that, you will be bumping into the titan instead of flying away from it.

Although it is considered incredibly hard to perform this, by combining the gas burst or a wire to counter your direction, together with a well placed strike, you will be able to maintain some speed.

Vector Strike Edit

This technique is used for when you coincidentally pass right below a titan. But you could always do it on purpose if you want.

Execution: Edit

1) Gas below the chest of the titan. Can either be left or right of course.

2) When successfully passing the titan, hook on to nape then reel in.

3) Let go of hooks to maintain momentum.

Tip: Edit

When executed perfectly at high speed, this technique can certainly give you 1000+.

Vector Strike:

The vector strike is one of the more commonly used techniques, and if used correctly is easily able to hit well over 1000+ and even 2000+. The vector strike is one of the oldest techniques in the game, and many newer players have been giving this move a new name. The vector strike is a combination of the so called critical reeling and timing. Vector along with equator are techniques (if performed right), that will keep the players momentum/speed and therefore increase the survivability of the player. A common mistake often made by newer players is to keep hooked onto the titan, and therefore lose the momentum/speed.

Execution: Edit

1) Be in air and approach a titan.

2) When within range of the titan (140-80 feet) (remember if in high speed your wire has more than 119 feet in range), hook onto the titan.

3) When hooked onto the titan don't let go of gas since it stops you/slows you down.

4) Remember to press the A or D key depending on which way you go around the titan (push the key that leads out of the the circle, not towards the center). This is crucial to keep your movement and your speed steady.

5) When you pass around the shoulder, be ready to reel in with full force, as you get more acquainted with vectors you will be able to judge how much force you will need to roll your mouse wheel.

6) Now you should approach the titan with full speed and right toward the nape in a linear movement, and just before you are at the nape, unhook, fly by the nape, and hit the titan.

Hydra Strike Edit

A technique that functions similar to the vector strike. Can work on titan of all sizes, just depends on how you use it.

Known Damage: 4000+

Difficulty: 5-7/10 (All depends on players ability)

Execution: Edit

  1. Approach the titan with a good amount of speed in the air
  2. Hook the titan's chin or the neck (best)
  3. Hold your attack and wait for for an opening
  4. Reel in and release your attack
  5. You can either keep your hook on the titan, adjusting your directions, or immediately release and move on to the next unfortunate target.

Tip: Although this doesn't require a reel rebind program, it can be encouraged as it increasing your chances of landing

It is also recommended that you fly flat when executing this, however it can still be landed with proper hook adjustment. Sometimes, you must to adapt to the situation at hand. If cannot find an opening, you can reel in and immediately release. This is only to be used in desperate conditions. If you find that you cannot land a cut, you can use it's second variation.

Accelerated Spiral Strike Edit

Executed when you miss a hydra strike, but can be used intentionally for very high damage.(credit to AbesAOTTG)

Known Damage: 6000+(If performed at ridiculously high speeds)

Difficulty: 9.5/10

Execution Edit

1.(from 4 of the Hydra Strike tutorial) When missed, circle the titan once more

2. Look for an opening

3. Reel in again once more attacking

4. Repeat until you hit the nape

This technique however, is hard to perform as if you miss by too far and travel too fast, your chance of landing it are VERY slim if you can't do a flat spin or be close to a flat spin.

D - Gyro Edit Edit

This method is done using Levi's skill.

Known Damage: 1500+

Difficulty: 7/10


1. Move in a left or right direction from your location while locking on a titan, then grapple on to its shoulders.

2. If possible, gain enough speed until you reach around 70 meters (shown in crosshair) near the titan. In this position, you should be around 45° from the direction of the titan (with 0° being the direction the titan is facing).

3. With the angle achieved, release the hook/s so that you'll still continue going forward.

4. Quickly use Levi's skill while passing the shoulders of the titan.

5. Levi's grapple will immediately change your direction, from forward, to a circular motion. The spin attack will kill the titan instantly.

NOTE: Levi's skill will not or may not work sometimes due to the wrong angle or speed (depending on your trajectory)

Jäger Drive Edit Edit

This uses Mikasa's skill.

Known Damage: 3000+

Difficulty: 9/10


1. Reach a proper height from your target titan (more height equals more damage and more time to correct any small spaces of from the target).

2.When your desired height is achieved, use Mikasa's skill and you'll fall to the ground with great speed.

3. While falling, align your blades to the titan's nape. The greater the damage is when only a small part of the blade hits the neck (proven and tested in version 01042015).

NOTE: Because of the new updates, doing this would be impossible, since the titans will stare the player and follow him/her. When doing this, make sure the target is not distracted by you, or else you will only hit its eyes.

This is also ideal when battling the Colossal Titan, because the target area is large and Mikasa's skill is easiest to use whenever outside the Trost District.

Target: Female Titan Annie (Sword) Edit Edit

This uses Levi's skill, but is also possible with Petra's.

Known Damage: 1000+ (Knee)

800+ (Nape)

Difficulty: 5/10


1. Build up as much speed as possible when hitting the ankle, but maintain height and distance from the target and the ground (player should not be above Annie's hip, and should be 100 meters away from the FT). The best idea would be to spin around her but not to get to her farthest range.

2. When the exact time comes, perfectly hit the ankle with Levi's skill. (This is time-pressured , since Annie does not hesitate attacking the player/s slowly.)

3. A.) Once she is down, immediately go to her back, near the ankles but not too close. Hook on her behind, until you reach around 30 meters above her, then use your gas to reach her nape, but when doing this, the spin should align with the angle of the nape, for it to be extremely effective.

3. B.) If she got up before you could attack, or if you know already that you haven't got more time to attack, just wait near her ankle, then use Levi's skill after 1 second from the FT's recovery.

Repeat all the steps.

Target: Female Titan (AHSS Gun) Edit Edit

Known Damage: 700+ (Knee)

500+ (Nape)

Difficulty: 7/10


1. Build up as much speed as possible (similar to the sword technique) while maintaining distance.

2. Hit her ankle while your speeding up, with ONE (1) bullet.

3. If she falls, immediately reload your barrels then go to her behind.

4. Similar to the sword technique Get above her, but this time, around 70 meters.

5. Gas up until your completely aligned with her nape. While doing this, hold the right mouse button, and don't release it just yet.

6. Quickly hook to her nape, and release the right mouse button when you are in range of her. But you must be very fast, or else you'll lose the opportunity.

Inverted Correctional(Adv.) Edit

This technique can be performed on any titan, it just depends on your skill level. This cannot be perfected easily, as pros even have a difficult time doing it. However, there are basic steps you can follow to increase your chances of landing the cut. What you are trying to do, is to swing around a tree over and over again, the objective is to catch the titan's nape in one of these rotations. Note that you can't do it if you have a really low velocity.

Known Damage: 5000+

Difficulty: 9/10

AbesAOTTG's setup: Edit

Tip: When you are going at higher speeds, you reel out more.

1.Hook a tree and make you're spin height be equal to the neck height of a titan and hold your attack.

2.Wait for the titan to come closer to you until the next spin will make you be at the titan's nape and make sure to release your attack before you come close to the titan in your next spin (depends on the speed you are moving).

3.If the titan is close but you're next spin won't make it to the titan's nape, you reel out on your current spin and like number 2 time your attack.

However, you may need to correct your rotation. This is where the reelingc comes in; you reel in to correct your rotations, and if you pass by the face of the titan you can be almost certain that you will hit it.

*Check out some of his tutorials!*