Special abilities are skills that are unique to each character.

There are 5 types of abilities:

  • Offensive
  • Taunt and Alert
  • Shifter
  • Buff
  • Ungrab


Levi's skill

Also known as the spin attack, this allows the player to spin in mid-air 3 times. In the anime, the character Levi is said to have invented this technique for staying clean while killing titans. This skill is very advantageous to new and moderate players since the grapple can correct the player's wrong trajectory. It does greater damage when it hits the titan's nape from the side.

  • Cooldown is 3.5 seconds

Petra's Skill

This skill is similar to Levi's, but the spin is in a vertical motion, and with both hooks launched. This is very useful when you're trying to hit the Female Titan's ankles.

  • Cooldown is 3.5 seconds

Mikasa's Skill

The player is able to drop from the air with great speed, but with the disadvantage of immobility. This can be stopped only by dashing.

  • Cooldown is 1 second

Taunt and Alert Skills

Marco's Taunt Attack

The player is able to get any titans attention within the player's range. During this state, the player will call all titans within reach and get distracted. This is very useful in Trost levels, since the titans will chase the player instead of the Rogue Titan.

  • Cooldown is 10 seconds

Armin's Laugh Attack

The player does a silly dance, causing all titans in range to laugh pausing the titan for three seconds. Adds extra time for the player/s to attack. The titan will not be affected if it is attacking or sitting.

  • Cooldown is around 7.5 seconds


Titan Shifting

The player will turn into the Rogue Titan and kill other titans with his strength. The skill is only accessible by Eren and cannot be chosen to be a custom character's special skills. It is not very useful, as it's cooldown is so long and it lasts for so short. It also does not give points, adding salt to the wound. When the move is finished, the Rogue Titan kneels over and Eren comes out of the back of it's neck.

  • Cooldown is 120 seconds and lasts for 15 seconds


Sasha's Skill

The player eats a potato, massively boosting speed on the ground. Does nothing while in air.

  • Cooldown is 10 seconds


Jean's Skill

This skill enables the player to escape a titan's grab. The player will slice the titan's fingers and then escapes. However, the Titan continues to raise it's hand to it's mouth and eat the player that just escaped, allowing you to attack it while it's eating. This can only be used once. Note that using it without being in a titan's hand has no effect on cool-down.

  • Cool-down is once every match.

Trivia[1 1]

  • The AHSS character's skill doesn't count as an ability since it is not coded to become one.
  • It is possible to transform into the Female Titan instead of the Rogue Titan using mods.
  • Sasha's speed is around 55 when measured in Racing - Akina, while Titan Eren's speed is 77.5 (as of 01042015).
  • You can be killed in titan form if you are slapped in the neck.
  • Other mods can unlock Eren's special ability in custom characters.
  • Levi launches the right hook when attacking.

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