Mods (or Modifications) are programs that alternate how you play on Attack on Titan (Tribute) Game. It is widely popular all over the world to use, as some give amazing and 3D Effects, some add skins and other cool stuff. Though, not just all mods are allowed, some are very abusive and some are friendly. Even if a mod with very friendly modifications but has one or more abusive options will be directly banned.

Abusive Mods Edit

Abusive mods are not allowed any place within the game, while you are using a mod that has one or more abusive abilities or modifications, you will be banned/kicked from the server, by any chances, you also can be banned by the "Doge Anti-Abuse Bot" which makes you unable to quit or leave.

Legal Mods Edit

Legal mods are the opposite of "Abusive" Mods, this mods has no abusive modifications that can ruin the game play which makes it usable for different players.

List of Accepted Mods Edit

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Here is the List of Accepted Mods that you can use:

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