Levi Ackerman is a playable character


Image of Levi in AOTTG (RC Mod Is Used)

Character Description == Levi is used often in the tribute game as Levi excels in attack and speed, mostly known 'Speedy-Attack'. a lot of veterans use him in game, because of his hard to learn, but powerful special. He has the highest Acceleration (ACL). Although he lacks at Speed (SPD) and Blade Deterioration (BLA), this means if you run out of gas you can be killed easily, also means the blade break after only a few hits .


Levi's skill is not one of the easiest to learn, but can deal high damage. The skill is useful in intense moments like escaping a titan or stucked 3DMG wires. If the skill is used Levi releases a wire where you are pointing then spins at the air quickly three times. When a wire is shot, it can also retrieve the wire. When the player uses this skill in a right way, the character can deal upwards of 1,000 damage. Levi's skill is capable of killing titans.


  • Levi is used often by veterans
  • His skills deals high damage if done well (damage means nothing)
  • You can choose Levi's skill in the character rot (or Character Customization)
  • There is a glitch when you use Levi's skill while hitting the neck lets you pass through the titan's neck and get the titan exterminated
  • The skill can hardly damage the blades, making the blades break.
  • Even if spinning the titan can capture you, making you stop spinning and groping you easily
  • Levi is also called or named 'Rivaille'