The AHSS or Anti-Human Suppression Squad, can be set as a custom character by choosing the AHSS preset in the character customization. However you cannot change the gender of such characters to female, as this will re-equip the normal 3D maneuver gear with the blades. Other than that the character is still freely customizable.

Differences to Normal Characters:

The 3D maneuver gear is heavily modified in its general layout, but it still functions the same as the usual version. The blades are replaced with a type of high powered rifle on either side, which is capable of killing humans and shooting the eyes or legs of titans. Contrary to common belief it is technically possible to kill a titan by shooting his nape at close range, however, the circumstances have to be very specific. Also, it can be killed by other human players much the same way it can kill them.

Since blades don't have any effect they can be set to the lowest possible number. And since your ammunition is very short, you will also practically never run out of gas anyway, so you can set that to minimum as well. That enables you to completely go for speed and acceleration.


Controls work practically the same as with a normal character, only the weapons are different. The left mouse button fires one gun at a time, while the right mouse button fires both at the same time (if both are loaded). You ran reload with R, even if one rifle is still loaded, or if you try to fire with unloaded rifles, the character will attempt to reload the guns instead.

Both rifles only hold a single shot with 7 reserve rounds per rifle.

Attacking a Titan:

Attacking a Titan is extremely challenging on your own, it is usually better to work as a distraction for a blade-equipped player who can then strike the nape, as getting a successful hit with the rifles there is extremely hard even under ideal circumstances. However shooting at the eyes and legs works practically always.

If you are alone anyway, and you have to strike the nape yourself, you will have extreme difficulty getting a valid hit. There are a couple extra factors to consider:

  • The rifle's damage, even with both fired at the same time, is by default too low to even kill the smallest titans.
  • The rifles damage increases dramatically when fired in mid flight at high speed
  • The rifles are only effective at relatively close range (about 20 meters)
  • The larger the Titan, the more damage (and speed) you need to get a successful hit at it's nape.
  • It's much more effective to fire both rifles at the same time at a Titans nape
  • The rifles cause a lot of recoil, that can launch you away from your target in mid-flight.

There are two relatively effective ways to attack Titans.

One is to launch yourself from long range at high speed, making fine adjustments in flight and blasting its nape as you fly by.

The other option is to constantly circle around the Titan, waiting for it to launch an attack (and therefore stop turning towards you) and then got for the nape in a flyby.

Both options have advantages and disadvantages. The long range launch only gives you one try, and its very hard to time your shot correctly. The close range circling method makes it hard to build up sufficient speed to land a good enough hit. Especially very large Titans seem nearly impossible to kill at times.

In the end it all depends a lot on luck.

Trivia Edit

  • The AHSS' rifle was supposed to be based on a long rifle from the Garrison in Attack on Titan, instead changed into a big, short and wide barrel pistol-like weapon.

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